” I think I ca…

” I think I can,
I think I can,
I think I can,
I know I can!!!”

Some people might say its childish to still use this quote. Those people have problems.(:

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“Always be your…

“Always be yourself unless you’re Batman, then stay Batman”

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Moving Up…

For Todays post you may agree, you may get nervos or you may just start to cry. Who knows. What I’v learned in 5th grade is not how to do algebra or spell hard words what I’v learned, well you can’t really put into words. You can’t really describe. Well let me just say, girls with shinny lip gloss on  means you have trouble coming up your way. I learned that the hard way… the reason I named this ” Moving Up” was because as you move up and on in life you find your self getting into things you would have never thought you be in. Then when you are in those situations you find you should of payed more attention to the world around you. i really hope that some day you will be thankful you read this or you are glad someone else is going through the same things as you..

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Your blogger and friend,

Elise Slaton

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Dear everyone,

SORRY,SORRY,SORRY that  my family and I have not been posting in a couple of months!!!!!!!! But, good things have been happening which means a good post for you!!!!:):) Number one, have you heard we got guinea pigs!!! One is very adventurous.  His name is Blanco. When we were changing his cage, we were holding him and then he suddenly ran off into a BIG pile of bushes. But sadly now he is dead. :(:(:( The second is named Oreo.  He is very shy and there’s not much to say about him.  This is Oreo with my brother Sam. Who, p.s., has never written a post.ImageI had the best year at school. I had the best teachers and best class!!!

Your writer,

Elise SlatonImage

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Teacher relief

dear world,                                                                                                                                           remeber all the things i thought about my teacher.I was VERY wrong.She is soooooooo nice.i LOVE her. So that saying”never juje a by its cover”actcily ment somthing to me:):) 

your blogger elise
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Booties on Brightwood

dear readers,

elise has asked me to write another blog entry tonight.  For today’s entry, I’d like to share with you why you might be glad not to be our neighbor on Brightwood.  For summer fun, my boys have taken to jumping on the trampoline with a hose hooked up as a water sprayer.  Sounds innocent right?  Then add ridiculously costly amounts of Dawn dishwasher liquid.  Perfect recipe right?  Now remove all clothing and slide around on a wet soapy trampoline  while screaming naked like banshees  (spelling suspect).  Somehow they got me on with them this morning before their clothes were off.  I was wearing a white tank top and pj pants, but you can just guess how this story ended…..nothing appropriate for a family photo, let’s just say.  Elise didn’t want to join us…i’m not sure why:)

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B’day party time

Dear Readers,

My birthday was on August 19th, so now I am finally 10!!!!!  If you read the last blog I wrote, it was pretty funny.  I had two parties, one in Austin and one in San Antonio.

On my Austin party, it was supposed to be a big surprise birthday party after I had the most awesome sleepover party where my friend got her ears pierced and we got to go to the mall, and it was just so fun….we had beignets for breakfast.  It was the best sleepover ever.  Then we went to a famous taco place to meet my mom so we could go home, but instead, they had a big surprise party with all my old school friends and other friends.  It was awesome.  Then we were going to go swim in the lake, but it was all dried up…bummer!  So instead we went to my friend’s apt. complex’s pool.  It was sooo cool.

And my second birthday party in San Antonio was a half surprise, half not surprise party. We went to one of my friend’s pools and swam and had cupcakes.  But, the pool was swampy green.  It was sanitary, but we had to swim in the greenest of green water.  My favorite part of this party was the games.  One game that I loved was where someone had an orange in their neck, and we had to pass it back and forth only passing it with our necks.  It was hard.  When I was looking at other people doing it, it looked like they were kissing.  Disgusting!!!  But that party was awtious….that’s a word for awesome and righteous mixed together.

from your blogger, elise

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